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Potash Feldspar

Potash Feldspar

We have come up as a dependable firm bringing forth Potash Feldspar all over the world. Based in India, we are exporting Potash Feldspar in varied quantity packs. Potash Feldspar are processed and are used for varied industrial applications. Further, we keeping in mind the budget constraints in mind, we offer Potash Feldspar at the market leading prices.

About Feldspar
Feldspar is non-plastic Potassium or Sodium Alumino silicate mineral represented as KAlSi38or NaAlSi38. Feldspar is used generally for the following purposes :
  • Ceramic Manufacturing formulations : In making the body composition of several types of ceramics and in preparation of glazes and enamel, Glass Manufacturing and Abrasive Manufacturing.
  • It is used along with Ball Clay, Kaolin and quartz for tiles and sanitary Wares manufacturing. The presence of iron even in small quantity tends to impart coloration.